IMG_7663Olimpia T. Garruto is the founder of  “USA FIT FOR LIFE,” a company owned & co-operated by her daughter, Olimpia. Being a mother of four and grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren, her love and devotion to family never stopped her second passion: fitness. A certified fitness professional for over twenty-five years, she has incorporated group fitness classes at all levels: children, adults and seniors.  The following she has amassed over the years is a true testament to the remarkable results she has accomplished. By combining health & wellness, yoga, strength training and deep breathing, Olimpia teaches fitness for both the body and soul. Olimpia also specializes in mat pilates, water aerobics & salsa dance classes. Olimpia is an inspiration to all and lives by the mantra, “No matter what age, physical activity is a must for a longer and healthy lifestyle.”





IMG_5668Olimpia Garruto-Grillo is owner of “Olimpia’s Fitness Training Inc.” – a company dedicated to the development of group fitness & personal training programs. She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in English/Communications.  Olimpia is a certified personal trainer and holds many extensive certifications in group fitness, personal training & indoor cycling. With over 30 years of experience in the fitness field, her extensive knowledge has led her to direct many group fitness, indoor cycling & personal training programs throughout New Jersey, including several Gold’s Gym locations, Corporate sites, Universities, Gymnastics studios, Recreation centers & hospitals.  She has been the chairperson of many community service activities such as “Dance for Cancer”, “Workout for Hope”, “American Heart Association,” and “WTC –Fitness Benefit”.

Olimpia successfully oversees 50 group fitness instructors and runs 100+ classes a week. Women’s Sports & Fitness magazine voted Olimpia’s “Boot Camp” Class the best class in NJ.  She has developed a fitness program for children and runs summer fitness camps throughout NJ.  She was also the Regional Director for the Wellness Wake-up Challenge, a national array of community-based wellness initiatives that brings fitness & health to sedentary & de-conditioned citizens through the combined efforts of local government, educators, corporations, fitness centers, & personal trainers.