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– A fun filled 45 minute class that works those glutes & abs the way they should be! High energy experience that incorporates dancing & key exercise movements that target the butt & abs for outstanding results. Come prepared to shake your booty & work those abs to some upbeat, electrifying music. All Levels

ABS PLUS – This 15 OR 30 minute Definition Class concentrates on muscle conditioning for Abdominals & Upper Body. Various forms of resistance training props will be included such as: bands, resistance balls, free weights & body bars. All Levels

AERO KICKBOX – Incorporating elements of a boxer’s training program, which includes shadow boxing, hand weights, jumping rope & abdominal workout into a butt kicking, intense aerobic workout choreographed to the hottest music. If your looking for a tough & challenging workout, this class
will KNOCK YOU OUT! Level Intermediate / Advanced

AEROSTEP – The Best of Both Worlds! Non-Stop action takes you from Multi-Impact aerobic conditioning to creative step Reebok combinations. Intensive resistance training will complete this high-energy class. Class format will change depending upon instructor’s teaching style. All Levels

ASSETS – Hit the ground for this intense lower body workout that uses many different positions & exercises to target muscles you didn’t even know you had. Intensive abdominal work is also included in this workout. Reshape your “ASSETS” .All Levels

THE”ALL BALL” WORKOUT – Safe and effective pre-weighted medicine balls are used for intense and dynamic sculpting. Also, Included is the Stability balls for an All Ball Workout. All Levels. (STUDIO 1)
BELLYDANCE FUNK – Focus on proper execution, posture, flexibility, muscle memory and strengthening. Head to toe Belly Dance movements will be applied according to each clients ability. Great for those wanting a cardio with emphasis on proper execution of Belly Dance movement and musicality. All Levels
BELOW THE BELT & ABS – This 30 minute intense definition class concentrates on muscle conditioning for abdominals, waist, lower body. All Levels

BIATHALON – The Best of Both Worlds! Combining a variety of traditional hard-core Cardio training in our aerobic studio with an Intense Spinning Challenge in our Spinning room. A creative Cross-Training approach in-group fitness to help you get in the Best Shape. All Levels

BIKRAM YOGA – This 90 minute series is physically challenging. Its 26 postures were specifically chosen and arranged to work the entire body and all internal organs. Concentration, balance, and focus are improved and you will leave class feeling rejuvenated and energized. This class is conducted in a heated environment. All Levels (Extra Fee)
BODY PUMP – Join this motivating strength-training class using a barbell and adjustable weights. This class is set to incredible music, taught by amazing instructors, and gives REAL RESULTS, REAL FAST! All Levels

BOOT CAMP – WE WANT YOU! This Intense Group Training Class utilizing athletic skills and drills, plyometrics and discipline to take your body through the ultimate test of fitness. Let our drill sergeant command you through this challenging workout including multi-intensity aerobics, sprints, circuits, push-ups, sit-ups, jump-rope and weight training. This class will use powerful motivational tactics, which will help you ”Be All That You Can Be!” Level Intermediate / Advanced

BOSU BLAST – Join our latest and greatest class that integrates balance training with cardio and muscular strength / endurance exercises. The class will challenge your body AND your mind, resulting in too many benefits to list! All Levels

BOSU BOXING – We took our favorite kickboxing moves and combined them with our balance tool, the BOSU! This class will take you to a fitness level you didn’t know was possible and work body parts you never knew existed! Levels intermediate / advanced

BOSU MULTIPLIED -Not 1 Bosu, Not 2, But 3 & 4! This workshop is designed to experience new drills, skills & sequences using multiple Bosu Balance trainers in a variety of shapes & patterns. Multiply your Bosu experience. It’s Fun & Challenging.
BOXING STUDIO CLASSES*** – This coed class builds strength, endurance, and coordination. Participants learn and practice the basics of boxing and kickboxing, using sparring gloves and pads as well as a heavy bag. This class incorporates cardio and strength training drills such as jump roping, running, push-ups and crunches. Suitable for both men and women, with modifications for beginners and de-conditioned participants. Extra fee applies.
BURN – This specialty aerobics class is designed to raise your heart rate while sculpting the core, glutes, and arm muscles. This serious weight loss & strengthening solution combines the amazing benefits of cardiovascular/strength training, free weights, and calisthenics. This course is for beginner, intermediate, and advance individuals who want an exciting, high-energy, non-traditional workout. This class offers a fresh perspective on group fitness, incorporating musicality, movement, and pure fun!!!

CAPOEIRA– A unique and exhilarating form of Afro-Brazilian martial arts. Combine the elegance of dance, the power of martial arts, with Afro-Brazilian musical rhythms to develop a dynamic workout that emphasizes endurance, speed & strategy. Use kicks and stylized movements to develop the strength & coordination of Capoeira techniques. All Levels (Extra Fee)

CARDIO BOSU – This class utilizes a dome shaped prop (BOSU), which incorporates balance training with all the other elements of fitness. This BOSU class focuses on balance training combined with a cardio workout. All Levels
CARDIO DANCE GROOVE – This fusion of jazz, hip hop, dancehall, and salsa is a perfect approach in reaching your fitness goals. Lose inches, burn calories, tone through high energy dance moves and progressions. “Dance Groove will make you move!” Building confidence, strength and endurance. All Levels.
CARDIO KARATE – An exciting class that blends your own hidden personal powers with the tried & true techniques of self-defense, dance & Aero-Kickboxing all set to today’s hottest music. An instructor with martial arts background teaches this class so each student will be properly instructed on all martial arts techniques. This is One Class You Do not Want to Miss! All Levels (Extra Fee)

CARDIO STRIPTEASE – An amazing workout that will leave you toned & sexy. Not only is it a great cardio workout, you will learn sexy moves to impress that lucky someone. No poles & no taking off clothes..just pounds. Come try it & see for yourself what the excitement is all about. Typical attire for this class is comfortable workout gear (i.e. yoga pants, sweats, tank tops and gym or dance shoes). All Levels.
CARDIO PUMP – This workout involves a little bit of everything for every body! Incorporating a wide variety of training methods including: step, interval training, hi/lo, kickboxing & weight training will be combined in this power packed hour. Specific Circuits may also be incorporated. The format of this class will change weekly to challenge your body with cross training techniques. All Levels

CIRCUIT TRAINING – A true, total-body workout. This class is set-up in circuits to tone & strengthen every major muscle group. All Levels

COMBAT STEP – The Newest Fitness Craze!! Incorporating Step aerobics with Cardio Kick-Boxing, (including jabs, blocks, hooks, & kicks). This class was designed to provide a total body workout! A Workout with a Punch! All Levels
CORE CONDITIONING- THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL CHALLENGE! This 60-minute Power filled class incorporates sport specific movements, which allow for the development of footwork skills, agility, powers & speed, as well as the development of aerobic capacity. Derived from the training methods of athletes, the emphasis on enhanced flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, muscular strength & endurance, and movement coordination. ONLY THE STRONG SHALL SURVIVE! Levels Intermediate / Advanced

CORE DYNAMICS “ON THE BALL” – Discover a completely new approach to overall CORE STRENGTH TRAINING in this New & exciting 30 Minute class. Learn proper stabilization techniques and progressive resistance that influences overall body alignment using a resist-a-ball. If you’re looking for a lean & strong body, this is the class for you. All Levels
CORRECTIVE STABILIZATION – Take your workout to a different level & experience exercises that will help you be more efficient in your day to day tasks. This class mixes cardiovascular endurance with core training, balance, agility, speed & strength. Taught by a certified personal trainer. All Levels
DANCE FIERCE DANCE – Let yourself loose and experience an exhilarating, pulsating, drenching and addicting dance class that would make NYC proud! Inspiring for first-timers as well as Broadway and MTV video want-a-bees. Al Levels.

DANCE PARTY SPIN – Do you like to Party? Do you like Music? Do you like to Spin? How about working your entire body while listening to your favorite dance party music. This Intense class combines the hottest dance party music in a Fun & Challenging Spinning Class Format! All Levels

EXPRESS WORKOUT- A 30 minute class concentrating on core strength training. This power packed class will tone up those problem areas in no time. Tighten up your buns, smooth out those legs and flatten that tummy all while you strengthen your core and stabilizing your muscles. All Levels

EXTREME GAMES– Old School playground favorites with a Grown Up attitude. Teams will compete in DODGEBALL. RELAYS, JUMPROPE, CIRCUIT DRILLS & MORE! All levels
EXTREME STEP – A Powerful Non-Stop Step Class, which crosses all boundaries. Incorporating creative step choreography that will challenge your body. Various step combinations including Multi-impact propulsion options for a super intensity workout! If you like to Step, this class is for you! Levels Intermediate / Advanced
FLIRTY GIRL FITNESS™ “THE BOOTY BEAT WORKOUT” – This is a Great class for anyone looking to get “FIT TO STRIP!” This fat burning dance class will get your heart AND hips pumping. We take our moves straight from the hottest videos & coolest dance floors and incorporate them into a fat burning, super-fun routine. This class takes plain old aerobics to a whole new level. All Levels

FORZA!- Martial arts based class utilizing wooden swords (bokkens) to condition and strengthen both upper & lower body as well as a kick-butt cardio workout. All Levels.
GET ON THE BALL – Experience an exciting new method of training with a large (45 to 65 cm), inflated fitness ball. These balls have been used by physiotherapists and rehab specialists for years. The 30-minute class includes a warm up and stretches, conditioning with a fitness ball and a cool down and stretch. It’s a fun and effective way of working all the muscles in your body and developing posture, balance and kinesthetic awareness. All Levels
GLIDING – Incorporates conditioning exercises to achieve body sculpting, balance, flexibility, core, and non-impact cardio. The Gliding equipment allows for more optimal range of motion whether you’re doing lunges, pushups or situps, and the progressive movements strengthen and lengthen muscles. Come experience this class & take your body sculpting to a new level! Classes may incorporate other equipment, including dumbbells, body bars,medicine balls, and/or Bosu. All levels!
HARD CORE – A 45 minute powerful core/strength training class to define your entire body using Bosu, Balls, bodybars & bands. Taught by a certified personal trainer.
HEART SMART AEROBICS – Low impact aerobics plus muscle toning designed for the active and young at heart 50+ participant.

H.E.A.T. – High Energy Aerobic Training – Combining a variety of HI Impact along with LOW impact Aerobic conditioning for a Hard Core Traditional Fitness class. Enjoy movement variations incorporating fun & style while avoiding workout burnout. Experience dynamic combinations of hi/lo impact choreography and innovative resistance conditioning that promise results. This is a physically electrifying, highly charged cardio challenge. All Levels.

HEATED STRENGTH – Build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance – all in a HEATED environment. This class emphasizes core stability, breathing, and improves coordination and balance. Our classes will have you sweating through the smiles. All Levels Welcomed.
HI / LO COMBO – Combining a variety of HI Impact along with LOW impact Aerobic conditioning for a Hard Core Traditional Fitness class. Enjoy movement variations incorporating fun & style while avoiding workout burnout. This is a physically electrifying, highly charged Cardio challenge. All Levels

H.I.I.T!- HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING – A total body, heart pumping aerobic strength conditioning workout. Includes full body strength training with high intensify cardio bursts. Designed to sculpt your body and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Modifications always provided. Advanced

HIP HOP BODY SHOP – “Extreme Grove Concept” is what this new & exciting class is all about! Explore innovative cross-stylized moves for endless patterns, combinations, and variations. A high intensity aerobic/dance workout including Modern, Funk, Street & Dance Club moves followed by a Jazzy cool down. This Fun 60 Minute class will make you sweat! All Levels

HOT TEASE (CARDIO STRIP-TEASE) – Here’s your chance to just let yourself go – get loose, Feel Sexy & express yourself. We’ll rock, shake, shimmy & grind in this 60 minute cardio workout. Wear layers that you’ll want to ‘STRIP AWAY” as your heart beats faster & your true style is EXPOSED.
KI-BO – This High Intensity fitness class incorporates Cardio Kick-Boxing, self-defense techniques & strength training. KI-BO delivers Aggressive Kicks, Controlled Jabs & Punches with Cardiovascular Boxing drills. Burn up to 800 calories per class! All Levels
KI-BO STRENGTH CONDITIONING CHALLENGE – This 90 minute class incorporates “KI-BO AEROBICS” as well as intensive resistance training. A variety of equipment may be used such as: free weights, medicine balls, flex-a-balls, jump rope, tubing, target pads & Body bars. By incorporating both Cardio & Strength training, you will get a complete workout by targeting all the major muscles groups. If you’re looking to challenge your body, this class was designed for you! Levels Intermediate / Advanced

KICKBOX–ALL FUNKED UP – A Fast Paced explosive workout combining powerful kicks, jabs & blocks with funky rhythmic moves. We’ll be breaking all of my own rules in his workshop & “Doin’ it to the beat!”
KICK I.T.! (Interval Training) – Get READY TO KICK IT! This will use interval and cross-training techniques, which have proven to be one of the most effective ways to get fit fast. You will burn maximum calories, while toning up your entire body. Intervals of Kick Boxing along with intensive resistance exercises all in one class! All Levels Welcomed
KICK MIX – A Fun, Fast paced integration of cardio & strength drills & combinations. This “ULTIMATE SAMPLER” mixes Kickboxing, BOSU, Jump rope, Dumbbells & body bars for a KNOCKOUT Workout.
All Levels.

KINESIS™ – A revolutionary new concept in fitness, combining full gravity technology with multi dimensional multi plane natural movement. The result is a workout that will help you increase tone, balance, strength, and flexibility while burning 30% more calories than traditional equipment. Kinesis will challenge you like never before at an intensity level that meets you where you are and reveals where you could be. Meet at the front desk. Class size is limited.
INDOOR CYCLING – Led by a certified indoor cycling instructor, classes combine a foundation of basic cycling movements with motivational coaching techniques, breathing awareness and heart rate training. Participants burn an average of 500 calories in 40 minutes of non-impact, individually paced cardiovascular exercise. Inspirational music and a non-competitive environment ensure a fun, safe and effective journey for participants of all ages and fitness levels. Classes are performed on a specially designed indoor cycling bike. These bikes allow each student to control their exertion level while still enjoying the motivation of a group setting. These innovations create a unique experience that has transformed the essence of group exercise. All Levels

INSANITY – Cardio-based total-body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training, pushes the participant to new training heights, resulting in more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism. With INSANITY, each round consists of 2-3 minutes of work at your maximum capacity followed by 30 seconds of rest. The exercises within the rounds have modifications to accommodate all fitness levels.

MAT SCIENCE – This 30 minute class combines strength and flexibility into a single dynamic workout. The sequences of movements are designed to counter-balance the stress of our lives and promote the practical application of strength and flexibility throughout one’s daily activities. Many of the movements are based on Yoga, Pilates and group exercise stretches. All Levels
MELTDOWN – Combining Kick box, Boot Camp, Core Conditioning & More. This class will get you moving & ready for the weekend. Taught by a Certified Personal trainer. All Levels.
O.P.T. (Optimum Performance Training) – This class touches Core stabilization, balance, muscle endurance, flexibility, strength, plyometrics, and cardiovascular training. This physically demanding class will have you burning maximum amounts of calories for fat loss while increasing tonicity. What could be better? All Levels

100% PURE STEP – Non-Stop Step combinations will be taught in this challenging but Fun class. Incorporating Creative Step choreography with Step Reebok ‘Intensive Moves’ or Power Step with get your mind working & your heart rate racing. A variety of step combinations will be taught in this exciting 60-minute class. If you Love to Step, this class was designed for you! Prior Step experience recommended. Levels Intermediate / Advanced

PILATES MAT– A class utilizing dance methods to build strength, lengthen muscles, and prevent injuries. Based on the studies of Joseph Pilates. All Levels (Extra Fee)

PILATES REFORMER ** – A Group of 4 Students Maximum. Exercises to help strengthen your core, improve posture, flexibility and balance, & build mind body awareness. Mat Pilates experience recommended. Extra Fee and sign-up required prior to class. See front desk to sign up.
PILOXING – This non-stop interval fusion of PILATES – BOXING – DANCE Will push you past your limits
Feel empowered with boxing, find balance with Pilates, and let loose with fun and funky dance moves. This unique combination is designed to burn maximum calories while building lean muscles.
PLYOGA – This class is a 4 part interval system implementing fundamental and fluent yoga postures as an active recovery for explosive high intensity plyometric movements. The modifiable nature of PLYOGA really creates a niche that fits any fitness level. Pairing plyometrics with yoga within the PLYOGA class format will give you a unique opportunity to elevate your level of fitness, GUARANTEED.
POWER YOGA – The Hottest Workout in Town! A series of flowing postures (exercises) ideal for active individuals who are looking for a unique workout. Develop a leaner, stronger & more flexible body while releasing stress & fatigue *this class is designed for active people without physical limitations or injury. All Levels (Extra Fee)

P.U.M.P. (PROMOTING UNLIMITED MUSCULAR POTENTIAL) – A Group Strength Conditioning Class incorporating Intensive Resistance Training using steps, free weights & body bars. This optimum workout is designed to tone, cut & sculpt, while focusing on muscular strength & overall flexibility. This Intense Sculpting class will demonstrate how proper form & technique will help you get the results your looking for. All Levels

PYRAMIDS OF POWER -A complete full body strength workout designed to specifically “Max Out” your muscles. Traditional equipment is utilized in untraditional ways to reach your true strength potential. All Levels.

RAZOR-CUT ABS -This 30-minute intense definition class concentrates on muscle conditioning for abdominals, waist & lower back. All Levels

SALSA AEROBICS -Some like it hot! Burn mucho calories with this fast paced aerobic class set to latin music. This spicy class incorporates dance moves such as: salsa, mambo, cha cha, merengue, tango, and samba. The rhythm is gonna get you! All Levels
SALSA DANCE – Learn to salsa dance! You’ll learn the basic foundation of the sizzling salsa dance. This class will get you out on the dance floor and dazzling your friends. You will experience things you can do that are both amazing and fun. All ages. Partners not required.

SENIOR FITNESS – A class designed for active adults and focused on achieving strength, agility and balance which are the building blocks for wellness, vitality and increased energy. Look better, feel great and enjoy a group environment that is supportive and fun. All Levels Welcomed

SLIDE – Low impact, high intensity lateral training workout. Consists of moves that simulate skating and skiing. All Levels

SLIDE & STRENGTH – Cardio intervals on the Slide alternate with powerful Strength intervals using medicine balls & body bars. The Ultimate Body Workout! All Levels.
SPECIALTY FITNESS SERIES -Each week, the class will be a new & unique class such as PE 101, Cardio Strip Tease, Funky Kickbox & More. The class schedule for the month will be posted on the group fitness door. If you’re looking to try some new & exciting classes, join us. All Levels

STEP – This Multi-Intensity, Low impact workout involves stepping up & down on an adjustable platform. Intermediate to Advanced Stepping, followed by an extended sculpting segment. Various forms of resistance equipment may be used, such as power-bars, resistance bands & free weights. All Levels

STEP, KICK & JAB – A Workout with a Punch! Take the Power & Intensity of “KI-BO Aerobics” & Blast it onto the step! This class is a combination of punches, blocks, strikes & kicks combined with basic foot movements on the step for a creative & very effective cardio workout. This Power-Packed class may also combine interval training for increased intensity. All Levels.

SUMMER CREW CAMP – Each week will challenge a specific skill, strength, or activity to enhance athletic performance & promote overall fitness. Special Summer Series. Intensity Level – HIGH; All Levels.
SPINNING® – Experience Indoor Cycling at its Best! It is a non-impact cardiovascular workout suited for all fitness levels. Workout is done on a stationary bike to music. In just 45 or 60 minutes, an instructor will lead you to climb mountains, ride the ocean side, or just spin to inspiring music. Burn 400-600 calories per class. All Levels

SPORTS TRAINING-This 60 minute workout involves a little bit of everything for every body! Incorporating sport specific movements, which allow for the development of footwork skills, agility, power & speed, as well as the development of aerobic capacity. Actions are taken from a specific part of certain sports and are combined with plyometric drills and sports related drills to give a Total body workout. Sport Specific Circuits may also be incorporated in this power filled class. All Levels

STEP – This Multi-Intensity, Low impact workout involves stepping up & down on an adjustable platform. Intermediate to Advanced Stepping, followed by an extended sculpting segment. Various forms of resistance equipment may be used, such as power-bars, resistance bands & free weights. All levels

STRUCTURE – The Foundation of Building & Strengthening the Inner Core. Targeted muscle training & integrates dynamic core exercises using body bars, weights & tubing will be executed to maximize strength, power & muscular development. This 60-minute workout will incorporate specific & effective abdominal exercise sequences for maximum strength & definition. All Levels

SUMMER CREW CAMP – Each week will challenge a specific skill, strength, or activity to enhance athletic performance & promote overall fitness. Intensity level – HIGH; All are welcomed

SUPER SPIN -If you’re looking for a spinning challenge, this is the class for you. Come & Experience 75 minutes of high intensity spinning. Levels Intermediate / Advanced

T’AI CHI – This ancient system of exercise and self-defense is truly holistic health maintenance. The 12 posture “Taste of T’ai Chi” is an introductory form developed by Master Bow Sim Mark and is offered as a “Level 1” form. This class is open to participants of all levels. (Extra Fee)

THE TARGET ZONE – The workout designed to challenge your Target heart rate as well as Targeting specific muscle groups through strength training. Incorporating Jump rope, Step, Slide, Body bars, Body balls, Free weights with “Reebok Intensive Moves” & More! This is Not your average Aerobics class so Move into “The Target Zone” & Burn some Serious Calories! All Levels
TREKKING – This 45 minute Innovative High -Level Treadmill class, raising the intensity & challenge for runners but is also a workout suited for walkers. Either which way, Trekking provides an interval workout & helps alleviate boredom on the treadmill. Class size is Limited. Meet outside the group fitness studio for instruction. All Levels
2 “D” STEP -Participants will experience 2 dimensional step training. Each participant uses 2 horizontal steps for double the workout and double the fun. (STUDIO 1)
VERSA TRAINING – non-stop action takes you from high intensity, multi impact aerobic conditioning to focused muscular strength & endurance exercises. A variety of cross training exercises will be incorporated into this Power packed class. All Levels
WAKE UP CALL – This class is designed to work every muscle head-to-toe in a fun and challenging way. By focusing on the “core” you will gain overall strength, balance and stabilization. This class will include corrective exercises as well as core and joint stability. Class is designed using exercises that use your own body weight, weights and stability balls. Class is taught by a certified personal trainer. All Levels
WINTER SPORTS CONDITIONING – An interval workout that alternates between periods of lateral training and resistance training in preparation for wintertime sports. All Levels

YOGA -Experience the Most Complete Form of Conditioning – a 60-minute class exploring various postures along with breath awareness & meditation. It is soft on the joints yet effective for toning & relaxation. All Levels (Extra Fee)

YOGA SCULPT – A total mind-body workout; features strength, flexibility, muscle balancing and relaxation. Improves coordination, muscular strength & flexibility. All Levels.

YOGILATES- Get the relaxing feeling of yoga combined with the core strengthen effects of Pilates to improve posture, increase flexibility & elongate those muscles. Rejuvenate your mind & body in this great 2 in 1 class. All Levels

YOUTH FITNESS** – This program was designed for youth ages 7 – 15 years old to teach youth the importance of physical activity. Extra fee applies. See front desk to sign up.

ZUMBA™ – Zumba™ combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allows you to dance away your worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY TO DO”! Zumba’s™ not only great for the body, but is also great for the mind. It is a “feel happy’ workout. All Levels.

ZUMBA™ TONING– A New & exciting latin inspired dance n tone class. Zumba™ toning is an innovative muscle training program with the addition of light hand held weights & Zumba™ sticks. Over time, this challenging workout helps in building coordination & muscle endurance. This program is assured to provide the participant with a safe & effective, re-defining total body workout! Zumba ™toning is fun, different, challenging & effective. All Levels

**These class descriptions are the sole property of Olimpia’s Fitness Training Inc. & USA FIT FOR LIFE and can not be copied or reproduced without the written consent of Olimpia’s Fitness Training Inc.

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